Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014


(Source: ASOS)

Hello everyone,
here we go with some inspiration for winter! Don't know what to wear then? Here are some ideas. As you may know I really like oversized coats but there is one thing, I have a bigger passion for: FUR.
Fake Fur of course, I mean, there's no need to torture animals and I would feel really impertinant, if I would wear real fur as a vegan.
It got pretty cold in Berlin, therefore I checked ASOS and H&M for great coats (and buyed a lot of stuff in sale! I am waiting for the parcel like crazy and can't wait to share with you guys all the new great pieces!)
and this is what I found. Normally I am more into black, but I felt like I want some colours in my closet again, not much, but enough to add some highlights to my outfits.
I also love the pink jacket and coat! If you combine them right, they can look really cool and especially the jacket is pretty cool, maybe not for everyday, but definitely when you're going out!
Links for jackets and coats are below!

LINK: // #1 // #2 // #3 // #4 // #5 // #6 // #7 // #8 // #9

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