Mittwoch, 3. September 2014


Hey there, I am back! :)
After moving from Frankfurt to Berlin the last weeks (and there is still some stuff coming over from Frankfurt), I found some free time to post again! I felt so horrible because I really love and enjoyed this blog, but it was so stressfull and I am just happy to be here and finally do something again!
I picked up a few of my favorites from ASOS and my absolute favorite dress from H&M.
Polo-neck dresses and sweaters are in this autumn/winter and I have to say... I LIKE IT!
We have that Patchworktrends right now but to be honest.. I am not really into that.
The stuff from ASOS is really chilled and (what is really unnormal for me ;) ) it's not just black.
As you might know I love the combination of black/white/sometimes grey or dark red.
I was looking for some great jackets and jeans in black, but then I found them and I think they are awesome. The batic pattern is really cool and the matter makes it look really floating.
That's all from me for today, I will post some more stuff as soon as I can and here are the links for the clothes ;)

#1: DRESS // #2: DRESS #3: JACKET // #4: PONCHO // #5: JEANS

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