Sonntag, 21. September 2014


Hey everybody, 

Today I found some time to show you my amazing outview and stuff I did. I moved to Berlin 3 weeks ago (OMG, it's already three weeks! Time is running like crazy here!!!) and I am nearly finished with everything, so I think it's the right time, to show you guys my great view! I live in the 16th floor, which is pretty high for berlin, but I am good with it and I feel happy everytime, I look at the windows :)
Berlin is a really inspiring place and I painted a lot this week, so here's one of the pictures I did two days ago, as I was really happy!
After painting it (about 3am in the morning), I just layed on the floor and watched the lamp and it looked kind of beautiful (I swear, no drugs involved in that thought haha!), so I had to take a photo and voila, here it is !
I ordered a better camera for doing outfit inspirations again. It'll be here in about a week, then I can finally start with fashion blogging again! Till then I am gonna post some artsy stuff and there and maybe you like it ;)

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